Year in Review

Hi, all.

Welcome to the last Movement Monday of the year! In this season of gratitude and reflection, I want to first take the time to say thank you, dear reader/subscriber, for following along with On the Level in its inaugural year. We think what we’re working on here is pretty cool, but it would mean nothing without all you folks also believing in what we’re doing and supporting us. 

Some highlights from our past year include:

  • Entering a joint plan of work with our fiscal sponsor, Virginia Organizing, in April. This was a huge step in our development as we gained non-profit status in the eyes of the IRS, and we were able to take advantage of Virginia Organizing’s many wonderful resources as we develop On the Level. 
  • Receiving a grant from Earth Uprising to kickstart our efforts at building much-needed infrastructure for the climate movement. 
  • Sending out the first editions of our newsletters, Movement Monday and Climate Culture, in July. 
  • Releasing the Climate Action Explorer in September. Whew, this was a big one! The CAE is our main tool, and we were so excited to share it with everyone.
  • Getting featured in Bill McKibben’s newsletter, The Crucial Years as a new tool with the latest updates on climate actions happening around the US.
  • Starting up our t-shirt production with hand-printed, up-cycled tees. (You can get your own by donating $35 or more here.)*
  • This isn’t too specific, but the biggest highlight of the past year has been all of the exciting, interesting, and helpful conversations we’ve had with people about On the Level. If you’re reading this, that probably includes you, so thank you!

*Did you donate and order a t-shirt, but haven’t received one yet? If so, first, thank you! Second, we apologize if it hasn’t arrived yet, and know that we’re working on it! Questions or concerns? Email us at

Just a year ago, On the Level was mostly a collection of documents on Google Drive, so I’m very proud of how far we’ve come and excited for so much more! Thanks for joining us on this journey, and keep your eye out for big things from us in 2022. 

Looking for other climate-themed years-in-review? Here are some of my favorites from the climate world:


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