We’re Feeling It This Week

Hey, everyone!

Lucy has graciously handed over the aux cord to me (Ingrid) for this week’s Climate Culture newsletter, so buckle up for some more eclectic new music suggestions. (Don’t worry– it’s back to Pop World with Lucy next week.)

The new IPCC report has (rightfully) been dominating the climate conversation this week. As discussed in the Movement Monday newsletter this week, the report is pretty damning, detailing unequivocal human-caused warming and laying out some grim future scenarios. 

There’s been a wide range of reactions in response to the report– anger, grief, anxiety, and hopelessness, but also renewed urgency and unity. I know I’ve personally been ping-ponging back and forth between these for the past few days. Luckily for me (and all of you), there’s been a lot of new music this summer that absolutely slaps to help me navigate some of the emotional turmoil, whether that’s finding the tunes that help me sit with being sad or the ones that bring me out of a funk or the ones that get me ready to pop off (as they say). 

So, without further ado, here’s a few new-ish music suggestions while you process the IPCC report:

  • Sad Vibes – “Going Going Gone” by Lucy Dacus (6/25/21)
  • Feeling Lost – “The Difference” by Daya (5/14/21)
  • Bluesy Frustration – “Crawling Kingsnake” by The Black Keys (5/14/21)
  • Nostalgia for Simpler Times – “Bad Dream Baby” by Hippo Campus (8/11/21)
  • Getting Back Out There – “Detroit Basketball” by Bad Bad Hats (7/13/21) – Check out the ~funny~ music video ⬇️
  • Just Bopping  – “WUSYANAME” by Tyler, The Creator (6/28/21)

After reading the IPCC report and watching disaster after disaster flick by in news headlines, it’s easy to sink into feelings of despair and hopelessness. This is a natural part of the equation for trying to reckon with our current state of affairs. What’s important, however, is to not let that despair turn into apathy–if we can’t engage with what’s going on in our world, then our situation does actually start to look hopeless. Feeling emotions about the climate crisis, happy or sad, good or bad, is absolutely necessary for genuine engagement, and what better way to get those emotions pumping than with some tunes?

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