Most Important Doc Hitting Netflix

April 1st can mean April Fools Day, sure. But for those of us who don’t do pranks and do pop culture, it’s also a regular ol’ start of a new month — which means we hear what’s coming to Netflix!

Today, I am so excited to write this week’s column on the news that Youth v Gov is coming to a small, Netflix-sized screen near you on April 29th! For those who may not remember, Youth v Gov is a documentary about 21 youth plaintiffs suing the United States government for destroying their future. I had the incredible opportunity to see the movie at the Bozeman Film Festival and meet with director Christi Cooper last fall, and after that, I wrote a review for Climate Culture.

Since then, a lot and not a lot has happened. We’ve seen further climate-fueled disasters as the weather dice become ever more loaded against us. We’ve seen next to no real policy change. On the culture side, literally millions of us saw Don’t Look Up, which I also reviewed. As much as I genuinely loved Don’t Look Up, and appreciate all it did and continues to do in raising awareness, I know that the most important movie you’ll see has yet to hit Netflix.

So mark your calendars — because Youth v Gov is not to be missed. Juliana v. United States, the court case still working its way through the justice system, and the subject of this film, has the potential to change the world as we know it. You’ll meet role models ready to guide you toward action, and you might be surprised to find they’re not even half your age. You’ll learn the story of a dereliction of responsibility the likes of which has never been seen before. You’ll find anger, hope, and maybe even, some tears (I sure did).

Please, for you, for me, and for these kids — stream Youth v Gov, April 29th.

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