Let’s Celebrate Getting the Joke

Just as Don’t Look Up breaks records (last week, it was streamed for 152 million hours… the highest weekly hours ever for a Netflix movie), we get basically the same sentiment in song form. Yes, that’s right. This will take you a mere 3 minutes (though why wouldn’t you want to watch Leonardo DiCaprio and Jennifer Lawrence for 2 hours??)

Today, MARINA released “Pink Convertible,” which is already being heralded as a “catatonic climate change pop song.” Over psychadelic, suburban synths reminiscent of Lana Del Ray, MARINA dishes out a tongue in cheek account of climate change from the perspective of the rich and famous. “I just wanna forget/ How fucked up is our planet,” is the overarching takeaway in case you were wondering. This is THE song about people who don’t look up. 

Is it sad? Yes. Is it also funny? Most definitely. MARINA offers us hilarious, scathing, and hits too close to home rhymes like “Don’t fear the apocalypse, ’cause we’ll survive/ Handbag shopping on Rodeo Drive/ Believing Armani will keep us alive.”I mean if I had any Armani, I’d probably hope it would keep me alive too, given the price.

The notes “Pink Convertible” strikes are the same ones as Don’t Look Up. They’re both funny and popular, because there are enough people who recognize the villains in this story and the absurdity of their behavior. So while it is beyond alarming that these pieces of art are so reminiscent of our real world (we have some serious work to do), it is incredibly refreshing to see that the vast majority of us seem to be getting the joke. 

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