Today, On the Level launched the beta version of our Climate Action Explorer! To check it out — head to We’ve collected the most complete data on climate actions in the US ever compiled, and we’ll help you find a way to get involved with the movement no matter your skill set.

Part of why we chose to launch today was to coincide with the Global Climate Strike put on by Fridays for Future. Climate strikes are often what get the general public to pay attention to the issue.

This week, though, we had a pop culture moment that also had people paying attention. A team of late night television shows put on a night about climate change. Stephen Colbert, Trevor Noah, Seth Myers, no matter who you watch — they were probably talking about climate this week. I should note that it was to mixed reviews — see Grist’s rundown for the best and worst parts of the night. 

 This was all part of Climate Week — a week of climate change programming (events, panels, etc.) that coincides with the meeting of the UN General Assembly in New York City. Climate Week is often something that can get pop cultural figures, like our late night tv show hosts to pay attention and devote some time to the issue. However, I’ve been thinking that the real flaw is that we limit ourselves to just one week.

Climate change is the defining issue of our lives, that affects almost any other issue you can think of (public health, economics, housing policy, etc.), and yet certain pop cultural icons are still trying to isolate it into one week of the year. It is time to reject this isolationism and treat climate change as the news story each and every day.

That’s where our Climate Action Explorer can come in handy. We know that momentum and excitement around climate action needs to continue beyond Climate Week. Our latest software helps people easily move from interested in climate to joining the movement.

So, make this your year, your decade, or your “as long as it takes” for climate action. The Climate Action Explorer will help you find your place!

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