Earth Week 2022

Earth Day 2022 is right around the corner, happening this Friday April 22. When Earth Day was founded 52 years ago, it had some pretty intense imagery as inspiration and motivation for the movement, including the Cuyahoga River lighting on fire and the release of Rachel Carson’s Silent Spring. This really fired up the populace and led to a wave of environmental legislation in the US. The political and social landscape of the US then was of course different from how it is today, but I daresay that between massive ice sheets calving off of the poles, all-consuming wildfires across the West, and scientists constantly telling us that Action Must Be Taken Now, it seems like we should have more than enough material to be inspired as a people to take mass action, and that such action should lead to meaningful legislation. I’m grateful that much has changed from the 1970s (hello a more inclusive society, good-bye wide lapels), but it’s hard not to be a little nostalgic for a time when creating a livable environment was at least on the government docket. (Not entirely sure if I can be nostalgic for a time I never experienced, but the sentiment remains. I digress.)

As you might guess, lots of great actions are taking place this week as a result of it being Earth Week, including:

In addition to a lot of actions this week, there is also some really great journalism out there as well, including:

Let’s do Earth Day right and get this climate action show on the road!

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