Early Bird

Welcome! Get started by browsing the map or hitting the button below to take our action quiz. The map is a great way to explore generally, and the quiz will give you more personalized suggestions of actions that will work for you!

Not finding an action? Don’t worry! It just means that there is not an action that meets your exact criteria just yet. You have a few options to get involved.

  1. Go to the bottom of the results table, and take away some of your criteria to have a broader pool of actions.
  2. Still not finding anything? Consider starting your own movement chapter! There are many large grassroots organizations that can offer some support to starting your own action group — such as 350.org, Sunrise MovementFridays for FutureExtinction Rebellion, and more.
  3. Not connecting with any of those large groups? Start a group of your own! What are the issues in your community, why are you taking action? Talk with people about it, and see if you can find others who feel the same way. There are an infinite number of ways to take climate action. For some advice check out resources like action hub Beautiful Trouble or activist Jamie Margolin’s book Youth to Power. You are the one who knows best what change your community needs!