Do we have a deal?

This week, we’ve seen a revival of federal level climate policy through budget reconciliation! Yes, we’ve written about this before. But really, this time feels different. Manchin swung around to a total position change — likely due to the movement’s relentless efforts. Granted, the potential climate deal… the Inflation Reduction Act, does not do nearly enough and contains some tough pills with oil and gas leasing that raise questions about what place compromises have in the preservation of our planet, utilitarian arguments, and justice and equity.

Nevertheless, the deal is revived. We’ll be anxiously waiting to see if it gets passed and sets us on the road to a clean energy system. If it passes, though, it will not just be a deal between Manchin and Schumer. It will be a deal between elected officials and the young people who work to get them elected.


Often, it feels as if young people are being asked to deliver over and over again — to participate, to organize, and vote. But then, they still aren’t seeing the life-affirming climate action they need. Of course, passing good legislation is extremely difficult. But the truth is that it hurts to be let down over and over.

The feeling reminded me of a song off Em Beihold’s new album Eggs in the Backseat (out today.) Em is 23 and blew up on TikTok; though, her music has also started to get radio airplay. I’m a particular fan of her poppy, jazzy piano lines.


“Goo” is about the feeling of being used. It’s about having feelings for someone, and supporting them at their lowest, only to watch them fall in love with someone else. It hurts. Em sings,

“I’m good enough for your 911’s
But you bring her for all the fun
Guess to you I’m not the one
To show up for all the good times
When I go to bed, you make her coffee
I won’t pretend, it doesn’t hurt me”

At the same time this song is about recognizing that the only thing that you can control are your own choices. Rather than pick him up at LAX, next time, Em is going to say “go call a cab.”

This is a song not just about falling for someone that wasn’t right. It’s a song about demanding better for yourself. That’s how we’ve arrived to this moment — the verge of a deal. Here’s to hoping and demanding better.

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