Climate Culture

Weekly investigations into the intersections of climate and culture, or the lack thereof.

Overlooking the Gallatin River from Storm Castle


I’ve been thinking a lot about climate and culture this week, because I live in southwestern Montana. As you may have seen on national news, my region has dealt with catastrophic flooding. My town, Bozeman, is fine, but neighboring communities like Livingston, Gardiner, Cooke City, Red Lodge, and many more, have been decimated. You may …

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“I’d Follow Love Into Extinction”

I hadn’t run into much climate culture news this week, and, as I scrolled Twitter, the strangest thing happened. Twitter took a break from serving up horrifying videos from January 6th and actually presented me with something beautiful. A poem by Ayisha Siddiqa. I’ve been getting into poetry recently. My brother has been memorizing prayers and meditation passages. …

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