About On the Level

We help everyone find their home in the climate movement.

We envision a future where people and planet thrive together. To get there, the climate movement needs more people.


The climate movement is strong, but systemic change has remained out of reach. Only 2% of Americans report taking action as part of the climate movement, yet over 50% of Americans say they are alarmed or concerned about climate change, proving there is huge potential for growing the movement. Signing a climate legislation petition in Montana and striking for climate in New York City can feel unrelated, but the truth is that they are inextricably linked. We see an incredible opportunity to grow the presence of the climate movement by bringing diverse segments of the movement under one roof. Following in the footsteps of other successful non-violent movements, we know a larger, more unified, and better organized climate movement is possible and will be the key to success. 


What if you could find an action in the climate movement based on your interests, location, and skills? What if it were as easy (and fun) as taking an online quiz to find which breakfast food best matches your personality? What if it felt like you were part of something bigger, doing something really meaningful?

That’s what we offer here at On the Level: a one-stop shop for climate action. Our Climate Action Explorer collects data on every climate action happening in the United States, from local meetings, to online petitions, to national strikes, so that you can get involved in the climate movement in a way that works for you. Ultimately, we want to make it easier for you and everyone else to get involved in the climate movement and to make the movement one big, inclusive, energized community. Together, we can create meaningful change.