A Climate Mash

Hi, all.

Today’s newsletter is going to be a bit of a mash-up of the latest in the climate movement (which seems appropriate as we’re entering that two-week period where playing “The Monster Mash” out loud becomes slightly more acceptable than during the rest of the year). 

First, an update on the People vs. Fossil Fuels March in D.C. that I wrote about in last week’s newsletter: It was an impressive and inspiring 5 days of action, with a diverse coalition of hundreds of people gathering each day, and over 650 individuals arrested by the week’s end, according to the official press release. And you can participate in their Oct 19th Call in Day of Action

Second, Lauren MacDonald, a teenage climate activist from Scotland made headlines when she said some brave truths to Shell live at a TED Talk conference. It was, of course, recorded, and you can watch her tell the Shell CEO what’s what here. For more backstory, check out this Gizmodo article here

Third, if you haven’t yet heard, Joe Manchin is pretty much ruining everything by demanding that the core of Biden’s climate agenda be removed from the big budget bill I wrote about in the newsletter 2 weeks ago… and the one 3 weeks ago. (I always aim for relevancy in these posts, but I do hope that writing about this bill becomes outdated at some point.) So, on that note,

  • You can still take action by calling your senators about the bill with #Call4Climate
  • You can take action by connecting with an awesome organization called Climate Changemakers. They hold virtual Hours of Action a couple of times a week and all you need to bring to the session is yourself, making it easy for you to make a difference. Here are links to the Hours of Action happening this Wednesday and Thursday
    • And if you don’t have an hour to spare, retweet their demand for political action on climate to your lawmakers. 

Last-but-not-least, Fridays for Future is organizing another #UproottheSystem Strike this Friday, Oct 22. Find a protest happening near you here

Okay, there’s actually one more thing; While we’re on the topic of the climate and mashes, you should be aware that Bobby Picket (one of the original artists for “Monster Mash”) released another, undersold hit back in 2005 called “Climate Mash.” Now 16 years old, it has some outdated references, but some remain poignant (one might argue too much so). 

Till next week, wa-oooh, wa-ooh…

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